is an active player in the electronic/improv scene in the Hague, the Netherlands.

Soundscapes and fieldrecordings form the basis of his mesmerizing drones. Analogue and digital, he has no preference in using whatever is needed for his free-form compositions.

Bursting into the scene in 2012 he made his mark with a heavy schedule of activities. [see below]

Playing concerts and organising monthly electronic music workshops, Bronsignaal, at concertplace De Vinger.

Cassette label Silver Ghosts brought out his first release last year, a split with fellow traveller Sunshine Lounge.

He has a tight link with the Fluxus movement in recording and performing with visual and performing artist Bob Lens.

For instant aural pleasure go to Soundcloud: Professor Azzacove or tune in on local station Radio Tonka  for his monthly Big Fatzo show. [3rd thursday of the month].

Send the Professor an email.

Upcoming performances:

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